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Ad Submission Guide

Please read before you submit your ad.

This ad campaign is designed to drive sales. For best results, please keep it as specific as possible and provide information designed to create action from the consumer.  


  1. Restricted offers are good.  example - "only 10 available", "first 50 customers eligible"
  2. Specific pricing is good. example - "75% off Pro Widgets", "Basic Widgets $10 - regularly $50!"
  3. Limitations should be defined - example - "offer valid Friday only" , "must use special code XYZ at checkout"
  4. Include a link to your website or Facebook page with more information about your sale.


  1. Stay away from statements like 10% off storewide or any offer that wouldn't excite you as a consumer. 
  2. Don't send customers to a website or Facebook page that doesn't offer specific information about your sale. They'll have questions. Answer them. 
  3. Don't offer an unlimited special that is so good it will hurt your business.  if your offer is GREAT - limit it to a specific number to be sold. 
  4. Don't forget to share the information about your special via your own website and social media properties. 

black friday ad sample

ad samples

Ads will be laid out the way you see it in the examples provided. It will be posted on the website, sent out via email blast and shared via a paid promotion on Facebook.

The material you submit will be used exactly as it you provide it.  Images will be resized to fit the space. Submit your logo or a good clear picture of a product. Images will be small so make sure it is clear. Most fields are optional but we encourage you to use all of them.

Thank you for advertising with us! We wish you a prosperous holiday sales season! Please let us know if you have any questions.  

Ad Submission
Please complete all fields in this form. Your ad will be created based on the material you provide. Due to the nature of this ad campaign, no proof will be provided. Please double check your material before you submit it.
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