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Operation Quality-of-Life discovers numerous violations in city

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Operation Quality-of-Life discovers numerous violations in city Submitted photo

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On the morning of April 29, 2022, the City of Douglas Quality-of-Life Task Force patrolled the city looking for common code violations. The Quality-of-Life Task Force consists of city department heads and city staff that have been trained to look for problem areas in neighborhoods to help reduce crime in the community and provide a better place for citizens.

During this recent operation quality of life, each team evaluated and inspected different areas throughout Douglas and a total of 76 code violations were discovered by the Quality-of-Life Task Force. Code violation cases were broken down into categories as follows: accumulation of junk (27) which could be junk in the yard or by the roadside; inoperable/unlicensed vehicles (20) which consists of vehicles that cannot be repaired or tags that are current; overgrown/vacant lots (20) which consists property that has high grass growth; dilapidated housing (1) which consists of homes that are unsafe for habitation; animal control violations (6) which consists of animals that are not contained, properly feed, or housed; and pool/spa violations (2) which consisted of improper or no fencing around pool/spa.

Residents received a warning or citation based upon the severity of the violation. The Code Enforcement Office will be following up on each of these cases with the hopes that the violations will be corrected before more action has to be taken regarding the issues.

The Quality-of-Life task force was formed to concentrate on City Code Violations such as overgrown grass, inoperable vehicles, animal control issues, accumulation of junk, illegal dumping, dilapidated housing, etc. The Quality-of-Life Task Force wants to encourage the residents of the city to keep their neighborhood clean and up to code in compliance with the ordinances of the City of Douglas. The City of Douglas is planning for another Quality-of-Life blitz in the near future.

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