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Douglas utilities preparing to roll out Utility Hawk Portal for customers

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Douglas utilities preparing to roll out Utility Hawk Portal for customers Submitted photo

The City of Douglas is preparing to implement Utility Hawk, a customer friendly portal for utility customers to track their utility usage in their homes and businesses. Douglas utility customers will be able to create a free account and receive real-time information on their utilities.

“We are happy to offer this service to our customers,” says Mike Hudson, City of Douglas Utilities Director. “Once we complete the testing phase of the equipment, we will offer this service to all our customers. This is going to be a great tool to save our customers money and at the same time allow them the opportunity to control their usage.”

The Utility Hawk application will improve customer service and consumer engagement by enabling customers to create an online account, view their consumption data, see an estimate of their bill and perform a host of other valuable functions. Additionally, customers will be able to sign up to receive a text message, email or phone call alert if consumption indicates a possible leak or abnormal usage. If a customer’s consumption appears to look as if consumption will exceed the set threshold, an automatic alert will be sent out.

For more information about Utility Hawk, please contact the Customer Care Center by dialing 3 1-1 or 912-384-3302.

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