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Final portfolio for Junior and Senior DPA is this Friday

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Kevin Tatum, County Extension Coordinator


Junior and Senior 4-H members are reminded that FINAL portfolio copies for District Project Achievement are due on Friday, December 14. Portfolios count for 40 percent of Junior DPA scores and 50 percent of Senior DPA scores. DPA will be held on Friday, February 1, through Sunday, February 3, at the Rock Eagle 4‑H Center. Be sure you have these dates saved on your calendar.

Coca-Cola Fundraiser


4-H members interested in attending summer 4‑H camp should take advantage of the second Coca-Cola Truckload/Krispy Kreme Donut Sale. It began on Monday, November 26 and will end on Monday, December 17. All orders and moneys are due by 4 PM on Monday, December 17.


The drinks and donuts will be ready for pick up at the 4‑H office on Thursday, January 3, between 1 and 4 PM at the 4-H office. Remember, 4‑H members get $3 per case and $2 per dozen donuts sold towards their summer camp fee. So, the more you sell, the less you have to pay to go to summer camp.


Pet Therapy Visitation


We want to thank our 4-H members who came out to Pet Therapy Visitation at Vista Park on Monday, December 3. They were: CMS-Kayden Davis; Indian Creek-Ella Hopwood; Junior 4‑H Club-Nathan Cooper, Kilee Davis, and Glenn O'Steen;Satilla: Aaron Chaney and May Belle Davis; Senior 4‑H Club-Kimberly Wright; Pre-club participants: Alyia Hall, Jessa Hall, and Riley O'Steen. Adults-Liz Batten, Chris Cooper, Natasha Cooper, Alyse Hall, Kaycee Hopwood, Jason O'Steen, and Patty Wright.


If you would like to learn how you can become more involved with the Coffee County 4‑H program, please contact the Coffee County Extension office at (912) 384-1402 or visit our website at http://coffee4h.org.

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