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Leaf spot a common but easily treated disease

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Photo Caption:  An example of leaf spot on an infected Ligustrum leaf. Photo Caption:  An example of leaf spot on an infected Ligustrum leaf.

Leaf spot a common but easily treated disease

By John McLemore, Coffee County ANR Extension Agent

As we transition from the winter to spring season leading into the summer months, the Coffee County extension office has received several calls about brown spots on the leaves of their scrubs. The description, "brown spots," has several meanings.

The brown spots commonly seen is leaf spot (pictured here). Leaf spot cause more damage on young trees than older trees.  This is a foliar disease that can be seen in the upper and lower leaves of the shrub. This disease is caused by over watering, infected areas, overnight wet leaf surface, and environment. Leaf spot can be chemically controlled by a contact or systematic fungicide.

To prevent the disease from spreading beyond the infected area do not over water, water in the morning, do not fertilize, and treat with fungicides if needed. To chemically control leaf spot using fungicides I recommend using Ferti-lome Broad Spectrum Liquid Fungicide, Bonide Fung-onil Multi-Purpose Fungicide, Ortho Garden Disease Control, Bonide Infuse, Ortho Lawn Disease Control, and Ferti-lome Liquid Systemic. These recommended fungicides can be purchased at your local home and garden stores.

The University of Georgia Coffee County Extension service is committed to given unbiased research data to help make recommendations to the community of Coffee County. It is important to follow the directions on the product label. If you have any questions please contact Coffee County Extension at 912-389-1402.

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