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Farabow gets CMS new teacher award

Brittany Farabow Submitted photo Brittany Farabow

Brittany Farabow was recognized as the Coffee Middle School New Teacher Incentive Award recipient for 2019. She is an induction level teacher with 1-3 years of teaching experience. She was nominated with a letter of nomination highlighting her outstanding instruction skills, exceptional interaction with students, colleagues, parents and others, a proven record of helping students succeed and any additional information that distinguishes the nominee as "above and beyond." Mrs. Farabow was presented a certificate and $500.



Brittany Farabow finished her third year of teaching at Coffee Middle School. Her administrator stated, "Over the past three years at CMS, Mrs. Farabow has demonstrated exceptional classroom management, provided impressive instructional performance, displayed deep understanding of 6th grade social studies curriculum and has shown school leadership qualities in and out of the classroom."

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