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City to observe Halloween on Thursday, October 31

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City to observe Halloween on Thursday, October 31

As the traditional Halloween day quickly approaches, on Thursday, October 31, the City of Douglas Police Department urges parents and neighborhoods to use safety cautions for personal safety and especially for kids.  Trick-Or-Treating should take place between the hours of 6 pm – 9 pm. In order to minimize traffic in the Golf Club neighborhood, traffic will flow one-way on October 31, during trick or treating hours. Homeowners should make arrangements to travel to their homes based on traffic flow in the neighborhood from 6 pm-9 pm and follow directions of the police officers directing traffic.

The Douglas Police Department asks that parents do not allow their kids to be out past 9:00pm so that residents in participating neighborhoods will not be disturbed past nine o’clock.  As a precaution, prior to trick or treating, parents may wish to go to the GBI sex offender website, to be familiar with the residences of registered sex offenders.

Homeowners should turn off their porch lights at 9 pm, as a way to discourage late trick or treating.  Drivers are urged not to impede the flow of traffic on neighborhood streets. Halloween participants are asked to show courtesy and respect to neighborhoods.  Also, motorists are advised not to impede traffic flow by parking vehicles on public streets and sidewalks. The Police Department also asks drivers not to park on the grass and in the yards of homeowners.  Motorists may be cited for violations.

“Halloween should be a great adventure and a memorable time for children and their parents” says Douglas Police Chief Shane Edmisten.  “To ensure the safety of our children, parents or an older responsible child should accompany the trick-or-treaters. Children should WALK, not run from house to house and use the sidewalk if available, rather than walk in the street. Parents should make sure your child has a flashlight, glow stick, or reflective tape on their costumes to be more visible to motorists. Children should not run out from parked cars or across lawns and yards where ornaments, furniture, or clotheslines present dangers. Kids should go only to homes where the residents are known and have outside lights on as a sign of welcome. Children should not enter homes or apartments unless they are accompanied by a supervising adult.”

Safety tips for people expecting trick-or-treaters should include the removal of anything that could be an obstacle from lawns, steps and porches. Candlelit jack-o'-lanterns should be kept away from landings and doorsteps where costumes could brush against the flame. Indoor jack-o'-lanterns should be kept away from curtains, decorations, and other furnishings that could be ignited.  Parents should warn children not to eat any treats until an adult has examined them carefully for evidence of tampering. Carefully examine any toys or novelty items received by trick-or-treaters who are under three years of age. Do not allow young children to have any items that have small components, could separate and that are small enough to present a choking hazard. Also, parents should watch the candy intake because too much candy can cause stomach aches and indigestion.  

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