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4-H camp dates announced for junior/senior 4-H’ers

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Junior and senior 4-H members are encouraged to start planning now for the upcoming summer camp season. Junior 4-H Camp for 7th and 8th graders will be the week of June 22-26 at the Fortson 4-H Center near Hampton. The cost for this camp is $370 plus transportation. Junior 4-H members may also participate in Wilderness Challenge Camp (WCC) at Wahsega 4-H Center. The dates for WCC are July 6-10 and the cost is $380 plus transportation. Another option is Marine Resource Camp at the Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island. It will be held two times, June 29-July 3, or July 13-17, and costs $340 plus transportation.

Senior 4-H members have two summer camp options again this year. Senior 4-H Camp will be the week after school gets out for the summer (May 25-29). It will be held at the Rock Eagle 4-H Center and cost for the camp is $365 plus transportation. Senior 4-H Extreme Camp is a fun week of camping in the woods at the Rock Eagle 4-H Center's Pioneer Camp. The dates for Extreme Camp are June 8-12 and the cost is $365 plus transportation.

Summer camp scholarships will also be available to assist 4-H members with the cost of camp. Please contact the 4-H office or visit our website for a camp scholarship application. 

4-H Fundraiser


Don't forget to turn in your Boston butt tickets and money by Friday, December 13. Your customers have until January 2 to pick up their Boston butt from Hog-N-Bones, but they need to call ahead so it will be ready.

Junior/Senior DPA


Junior/Senior 4-H members need to be working on completing their DPA presentations as well as their portfolios. Portfolio FINAL COPIES are due in the county 4-H office by Friday, December 20. Your presentation needs to be ready now so you will have time to practice it before the competition.  We want each of you to have a competitive portfolio and demonstration so you have a good chance of standing on the stage receiving a first place award.


Call or come by the 4-H office today to sign up for a project (first come, first choice).  4-H staff members will be happy to help you get started and answer any questions you have as you work on your presentation.

Senior Wall Challenge

Class of 2020, we congratulate you on your many accomplishments, including those made in Georgia 4-H. As part of 4-H, you have created lasting memories and paved the way for future success by striving to "Make the Best Better." Commemorate your time in 4-H by participating in the Georgia 4-H Senior Wall Challenge. With your $35 donation to the Georgia 4-H Foundation, your name will be placed on the Class of 2020 Senior Wall plaque located in the Senior Pavilion at Rock Eagle 4-H Center. Deadline to send in your form or complete the online form at is Friday, March 27, 2020.

District Board of Directors


Seventh graders, as well as ninth through eleventh graders, have the opportunity to run for the Junior or Senior Southeast District 4-H Board of Directors. 4-H members will need to review the application (particularly the requirements for Board) and discuss it with their parents. Serving on Board requires a substantial time and financial commitment and transportation is the Board member's responsibility. If your parents are in agreement with you running for Board, you need to schedule an appointment for you and your parents to meet with me to go over the Board requirements and answer any questions you or your parents may have. If everyone is agreeable, you will need to make a campaign sign to hang in Sutton Hall during DPA and a two-sided sign to carry around as you campaign at DPA. It's a lot of fun to serve as a district officer and is a great experience that will look great on your resume.

Holiday Schedule

The Coffee County Extension office will be closed for the holidays from December 24 through January 1. If you need any information, please check with us before the close of business on Monday, December 23.

If you would like to learn how you can become more involved with the Coffee County 4-H program, please contact the Coffee County Extension office at (912) 384-1402 or visit our website at

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