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CRMC Wound Care & Hyperbaric Clinic staff is here to save the day

As Americans continue efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, CRMC Wound Care & Hyperbaric Clinic staff remain on the front lines, preventing unnecessary amputations and further complications from non-healing wounds. June is Wound Healing Awareness Month; a time to recognize the efforts of our superhero wound care staff and remember that wound care is essential.


Wound Healing Awareness Month, or WHAM, is a month-long celebration that takes place in June and focuses on common wound types and the benefits of treatment in an outpatient wound healing facility.


CRMC Wound Care & Hyperbaric Clinic treats all wounds. The approach to wound care is comprehensive, coordinating traditional and advanced therapies that aid and accelerate the healing process. The center is staffed by a team of skilled clinicians with advanced training in wound care and hyperbaric medicine. For a patient that means faster healing times, longer-lasting results, decreased amputation rates, and return to quality of life.


“When the body is not able to heal a wound on its own, proper wound treatment is critically important to avoid serious long-term complications,” said Tracy Martini, Director of CRMC Wound Care & Hyperbaric Clinic.  “A wound healing center can provide the specialized treatment options and medical expertise needed to support the body’s healing process, limit health complications, and speed recovery.”


The center treats wounds of all types, including:

diabetic foot ulcers

venous ulcers

pressure ulcers

complicated post-surgical wounds

traumatic wounds and burns

arterial ulcers

radiation wounds

compromised skin grafts and flaps

crush injuries


CRMC Wound Care & Hyperbaric Clinic is open Monday – Friday. For more information about wound care or to schedule an appointment, call 912-720-7002 No referral is required.

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