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CRMC: Use caution, please wear a mask

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Douglas and Coffee County continue to see high numbers of COVID-19 positive patients. We can all be very grateful that the number of deaths has not increased in proportion to the number of positive cases; however, Covid-19 remains active in our community.


As your healthcare resource, your friends at CRMC ask that each of us, please do our part in helping slow the spread of COVID-19. Let’s stand together #CoffeeStrong to help stop the spread of COVID-19!


The latest data indicates that there are many young, asymptomatic individuals who are unknowingly passing the virus along to parents, grandparents, and family members. We encourage every community member to continue using caution when outside of your home and around others who live outside of your home. Wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer or washing your hands, as well as keeping at least 6-foot between you and others is the best way to ensure we all remain safe from the spread of COVID-19.


There have been many conflicting messages about safe practices when it comes to wearing face masks in public places. Coffee Regional Medical Center wants to make sure that everyone understands that wearing a face mask in public places is the right thing to do. We like to think of the importance of wearing a mask this way: my mask protects YOU and your mask protects ME.  Remember we are all in this TOGETHER. 


Coffee Regional Medical Center continues to put you, our patients and community, at the center of our care, and we always will. Thank you for all that you do to help contain the further spread of COVID-19.


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