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City asks citizens to mobile app

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The City of Douglas would like to ask visitors to City Hall to please use the “My Mobile Check In” app during business hours 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.  The app is free and will allow customers to wait in their vehicles until the time to enter City Hall to conduct business. 


To download the app, customers should go to the Apple App or Google Play Store and download “My Mobile Check In.”  After downloading the app, the customer will be asked to create a profile.  Once a profile has been created, select locations at the bottom left of the phone screen. 


The location that should be selected is City Hall, 224 E. Bryan Street, (912)384-3302.  After selecting the location, select profile again and the reason for checking in at the location.  Select the green button that says “Check In.”  You will be notified via text message when it is time for you to enter City Hall. For more information, (912) 384-3302.

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