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Douglas residents assist stranded motorists on holiday weekend during a thunderstorm

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Featured Trea and Philip Acorn Submitted photo Trea and Philip Acorn

On Friday, July 3, Philip and Trea Acorn of Douglas happened upon a couple stranded on U.S. 1 south of Waycross. The couple, Michael and Susie Canon of Waycross, had a suffered a flat tire during a driving rainstorm. The Acorns helped the Canons get back on the road – but only after a significant time investment. The Canons were very appreciative and sent DouglasNow the following account of what happened:

Around 2 o'clock on the afternoon of Friday July 3rd, my wife and I where returning to Jacksonville from Waycross on Route 1. All of a sudden, we were confronted with a flat tire.  Complicating matters, we could get barely off the road (no shoulder available) with traffic speeding past us in the middle of a rainstorm. We tried calling AAA and two other roadside services, but they were not answering their phones perhaps due to the virus, the weather, or the late afternoon holiday time. We really needed help since we are both 79 years old and I have a back and leg handicap resulting from previous surgery.

Anyway, as we were wondering how to get help, a truck pulled up with two friendly brothers, Philip and Trea Acorn. They came to our car to ask if we needed help. To make a long story short, they spent three hours in the rain getting us back on the road. They had to make three trips back to Waycross to find the proper tools to fix our flat tire and put on the smaller emergency spare. Our KIA van had specialized lug nuts installed to prevent theft; unfortunately they prevented changing the tire without specialized tools.

We tried to thank the Acorn brothers in every way we could think of including a donation to their favorite charity. They wouldn't even allow us to reimburse them for their out of pocket gas money! 

In grateful appreciation, my wife and I felt it was important to write this note so the people in Coffee County will know what special Christian Acorns they have in their midst . . . Phillip and Trea.

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