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Dr. Logan McCool is Southeastern Orthopedics's newest physician

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Dr. Logan McCool (left) and Dr. Jim Barber (right) Submitted photo Dr. Logan McCool (left) and Dr. Jim Barber (right)

By Amanda Hayes


Dr. Logan McCool knew that a career in medicine was going to be the path he wanted to take after witnessing his grandmother, a nurse, run a free clinic in their hometown of Des Moines, Iowa. As he volunteered at the clinic, the desire to help people and solve problems grew deeper and deeper. His grandmother’s selfless demeanor in her career field was just the inspiration that the young impressionable Logan needed to launch his own dream career in the field of healthcare.


As a senior in high school, Logan had the opportunity to complete the Basic Emergency Medical Technician course at the Windsor Heights Fire Department. While completing his training at the Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames, Iowa, Logan was afforded the opportunity to assist with CPR in the emergency room. He saw and experienced firsthand what it was like to give someone a second chance at life.


In Logan’s third year of medical school, a pivotal deciding point, a couple of professors urged Logan to consider the field of Physiatry. Volunteering with “e-NABLE,” Logan experienced how a 3D printer made prosthetic hands for children born without fingers or a hand such as in amniotic band syndrome. After further clinical rotations in physical medicine and rehabilitation, Logan’s path was set.

Physiatry is a branch of medicine that specializes in diagnosis, treatment, and management of a person’s “physical” well-being or function. Essentially, physiatrists specialize in a wide variety of treatments for the musculoskeletal system - the muscles, bones, spine and associated nerves, ligaments, tendons, and other structures - and the musculoskeletal disorders that cause pain and/or difficulty with functioning.


A physiatrist's treatment focuses on relieving pain and increasing function in order for the patient to participate in and enjoy life as fully as possible. Treatment includes ultrasound-guided procedures such as injections, nerve blocks, and epidural injections. Logan is the first doctor of this kind to join Dr. James Barber at Southeastern Orthopedics. According to Dr. Barber, “We are extremely excited to have Dr. McCool join our team and offer this new type of treatment to our patients. His experience and expertise will be a true asset to our practice, and our community.” With this type of treatment now available in our area, patients will not have to travel as far for this type of critical, pain-relieving treatment.


Logan is married to Brigitte, who holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh. They have two small children, ages four and two. They enjoy spending time outdoors and look forward to settling down and integrating into the rural South Georgia lifestyle.


Dr. McCool will be seeing patients in several locations in South Georgia including Douglas, Fitzgerald, Waycross and Alma.  Welcome, Dr. Logan and family to South Georgia!


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