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Support 4-H through Boston butt fundraiser

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By Kevin Tatum, County Extension Coordinator

This weekend, approximately 20 to 25 Coffee County 5th and 6th grade 4-H members will travel to Lyons, Georgia, to compete in Cloverleaf District Project Achievement, or DPA as we like to call it. Our staff has been very busy assisting these Cloverleaf 4-H members with their speeches and posters so that they will be ready for competition.


DPA is a 4-H competition where a student selects a project area, narrows down their subject, researches it, organizes their information, and writes a speech. Once their speech is written, they have to prepare visuals to go with their speech. They have a six minute time limit for demonstrations and four minutes for performing arts projects.


Fourth and fifth graders will compete separately from sixth graders. First through third place awards are presented in each project for each competition (4th-5th & 6th). We want to wish all of the students competing the best of luck in their project competition.


Hog Show Tagging Days


4-H and FFA members as well as pre-club students interested in showing a hog in the 2020 County Market Hog Show in February need to bring their pigs to Coffee Middle School by the Animal Science Building on Monday, November 16, or Tuesday, December 1, between the hours of 4 PM and 5:30 PM to be tagged. All pigs in line by 5:30 PM will be tagged.  There will not be a veterinarian available for drawing blood work on either date this year. Exhibitors will be responsible for getting this done on their own.


For more information, please contact your 4-H Agent or FFA Advisor.


4-H Fundraiser


We need your help! Coffee County 4-H is offering Hog-N-Bones Boston butt tickets to sell to the public. The tickets sell for $25, a savings of $5 ($7.40 with tax) for these Boston butts. For 4-H members who are planning to participate in a 4-H competition or attend summer camp this school year, the profit of $4 per ticket from these ticket sales can be used to pay for your team registration fee or camp fee. Tickets are available now and a parent can come to the 4-H office to pick up tickets. The tickets can be used until January 1, 2021, to pick up the Boston butt at the Douglas Hog-N-Bones restaurant anytime during their normal business hours, but you do need to call ahead to reserve your Boston butt. Remember, this fund raiser is raising money to benefit YOU 4-H’ers! Take advantage of this great opportunity to earn camp or team fee credit.




Last year’s DPA, livestock show, archery team, and community service project participants need to come by the 4-H office to pick up your awards. These awards are for your participation in last year’s events. The online awards program and Annual 4-H Slide Show can be found on the Coffee County 4-H YouTube Channel. Check it out today.


If you would like to learn how you can become more involved with the Coffee County 4-H program, please contact the Coffee County Extension office at (912) 384-1402 or visit our website at http://coffee4h.org.

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