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Land Bank Authority: A solution for vacant, blighted properties

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Land Bank Authority: A solution for vacant, blighted properties Submitted photo

The Douglas-Coffee County Land Bank Authority is seeking to assist individuals that own vacant and blighted property.  The Douglas-Coffee County Land Bank Authority (L.B.A.) was formed in 2016 as a five member city-county board to focus on working with neighborhoods and the community to promote property redevelopment.  


“We are so happy that we have sold 5 properties,” says Cindy McNeill, LBA Chairperson.  “We would like to be a solution for people who find themselves in a situation where it is not feasible to continue to hold on to property, however, they cannot sell the property due to unpaid taxes or other issues.”


The main objective of the joint L.B.A. is to acquire tax delinquent, non-revenue generating property and return it to productive use; the sale of land and property for the development of affordable housing; and the abatement of delinquent taxes.  Designed to acquire and maintain problem properties, the L.B.A. will transfer the properties back to responsible ownership and productive/revenue generating use in our community which will create a more efficient and effective system to eliminate problem areas/blight in Douglas and Coffee County.  The funds from the sale of the properties assist with efforts to find solutions for vacant properties 


For more information about deeding a property to the Land Bank Authority or how the Land Bank Authority operates, please contact Georgia Henderson, City of Douglas Community Development Director, at (912) 383-0277 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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