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Shooting to win the regional competition

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(L to R) First Place winners Tiyel Pace and Marquavius Paulk and second place winner, Daniela Sanchez Submitted photo (L to R) First Place winners Tiyel Pace and Marquavius Paulk and second place winner, Daniela Sanchez
By Bailey Carelock, Journalism Student @ GWCFC

George Washington Carver Freshman Campus (GWCFC) is home to many brilliant Journalism students. The GWCFC journalism class covers a broad range of standards that cover most all parts of journalism and media creation. The students write articles, learn history and logistics in fields such as radio, and create a weekly news show titled Coffee Now Productions. Additionally, they also created individual or team video projects to submit to enter the Georgia Student Technology Competition. Three students from the GWCFC journalism class placed for Coffee County.

On Dec. 15, 2017, Tiyel Pace, Marquavius Paulk and Daniela Sanchez all won the Georgia Student Technology Competition for Coffee County. These students will advance to the Okefenokee RESA District Regional Competition. Pace and Paulk worked as a team to create the first place video, while Sanchez worked by herself and placed second. They will be taking their short videos down to Blackshear, Georgia to showcase their creation in hopes of advancing to the State Competition.

Pace and Paulk's video is titled The Baby Eater. It is about a mythological man that hunts people down and steals their babies to snack on later. Sanchez's video is titled Camino a Mexico. Camino a Mexico is a video blog, also known as a 'vlog', of Sanchez's trip to Mexico to visit her family. Both videos can be described as creative, unique, well thought-out and very well put together.

Above all, the students learned a lot and had a ton of fun in creating their videos. When asked about the learning aspect of the project, Pace stated, "I learned that no video is perfect, and you can always make your project better." The students are working hard at finalizing their projects for the Regional Competition and while doing so are filling themselves, their classmates, their teacher and their community full of pride.

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