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Douglas man visits probation officer with nearly $900 in cash in pockets, leads officers to discovery of over 15 pounds of marijuana

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Kermit James Submitted photo Kermit James

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Last month, Kermit James, 53, of Douglas, was arrested after local officers discovered over 15 pounds of marijuana, close to 2 grams of cocaine, and 1 gram of suspected MDMA in his home. The arrest came after the suspect, Kermit James, walked into the local probation office "carrying a usual amount of money in his pockets." 



According to a copy of an incident report, a sergeant with the Douglas Police Department was notified by a Department of Community Supervision (DCS) officer informing him that James had been arrested at their office.



The report states that James was asked to empty his pockets before entering the DCS office. When he emptied his pockets, James was found to be "carrying an unusual amount of money." 



James was then placed under arrest on a probation warrant. 



As the arrest was occurring, James asked the DCS officer if she would put his pocket knife in his truck. The officer stated that when she opened James’s vehicle door, she noticed a very strong odor of marijuana coming from the inside. 



James was transported to the Coffee County Jail to be booked on his probation warrant at that time. 



According to the report, a total of $895.76 was found in James’s pockets prior to his arrest. 



The sergeant reported that he had previously received tips from individuals informing him that James was possibly selling “pounds" of marijuana at Trojan football games and from inside his residence on Ross Street. 



According to the sergeant, an investigation into the allegations had been underway. However, the DPD's Crime Suppression Unit "had not obtained any evidence amounting to probable cause to search the residence." 



The DCS officer told the sergeant that James’s listed residence was on Holiday Circle and advised that he was on a call-in status, where his residence is now verified as a part of his conditions. James’s mother arrived shortly after and advised that he resided in a home on Ross Street, but she could not remember the numerical address. 



The sergeant and two corporals with the department then went to the residence on Ross Street, and James’s brother arrived at the home moments later. James’s brother confirmed that James, his son, and his girlfriend were all living at the home. He then notified DCS, and they decided DCS would complete a 4th Amendment waiver search of the residence. 



Prior to the search, it was requested that James be brought to his home from the Law Enforcement Center. When James arrived, according to the report, he denied living at the residence and stated that he lived on Holiday Circle. However, he eventually admitted to living at the home on Ross Street "occasionally" due to his girlfriend living there, "but was adamant that he did not live there." 



When asked if a key on his keychain would unlock the door, James stated no. The sergeant reported that he went to the front door and found a key that unlocked the door. 



The report states that "due to the nature of the search," it was initially limited to common areas and what was believed to be James’s bedroom. While the search was underway, one of the officers reportedly lifted a cushion on a couch in the living room and located a bag filled with multiple plastic bags of suspected marijuana, as well as several plastic bags of cocaine. According to the sergeant, James then stated that the corporal "had found it." However, another officer on scene also discovered a large jar in the master bedroom filled with different bags of suspected marijuana. The report states that he then asked the DCS to discontinue the 4th Amendment waiver search while they obtained a search warrant for the entire residence.


At this time, James and all the officers left the house and James was transported back to the LEC. Officers secured a search warrant and searched the entire house.



They found several quantities of suspected drugs throughout the house, including: 



Living room: 133.9 grams of suspected marijuana separated into 12 clear bags and three blunts; 7.8 grams of suspected cocaine separated into 16 baggies and a folded piece of paper containing $460 



Master bedroom: 6 packages containing quantities of suspected marijuana; Weihtauch Windicator .38 Special handgun; 5.5 grams of suspected marijuana stuffed in cigarillo packs; a clear jar containing 257 grams of suspected marijuana sorted into 112 packages; two tinted jars containing 257 grams of suspected marijuana; 47.3 grams of suspected marijuana separated into 42 different packages found in an ottoman; 43 grams of suspected cocaine separated into 4 different packages in the ottoman; plastic baggie containing 4 suspected ecstasy pills found in the ottoman; Packwoods pre-rolled cannabis blunt found in the ottoman; 4 THC cartridges found in the ottoman; 1 cannabis infused hard candy found in the ottoman; 328.4 grams of suspected marijuana found in a bucket; a money bag containing $9,460 located between the mattress and several bags and containers with assorted change amounting in approximately $544.26 



Right rear bedroom: two packages containing quantities of suspected marijuana in the closet and a Davis Industries 9mm two-shot pistol



According to the report, officers also discovered several prescription bottles in James’s name in the master bedroom, as well as various identifying documents throughout the house. A correctional ID, business cards, and other documents in James’s name were also found in the top drawer of the chest of drawers in the master bedroom, and a lease agreement in James’s name for the residence was also found. Several other pieces of mail were also located with James’s name on them for an address on Holiday Circle. 



The report states that once the search was completed, all the evidence was transported to the Douglas Police Department. 




According to the sergeant, after processing all the evidence, approximately 7,054.8 grams of marijuana (248.9 ounces/15.6 pounds), 50.8 grams of suspected cocaine (1.8 ounces), and 1 gram of suspected MDMA were reportedly discovered inside the residence. 



James was charged with trafficking methamphetamine, trafficking marijuana, and possession of a controlled substance. He is currently booked in the Coffee County Jail and has been denied bond.

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