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Revive Hydration brings functional health to Douglas-Coffee County

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Revive's Bobby Guess receives an IV treatment. Submitted photo Revive's Bobby Guess receives an IV treatment.

By Caitlin Wolfe



Melissa and Bobby Guess opened Revive Hydration and Functional Health in Douglas in 2023 with hopes of offering a new approach to health and wellness. Bobby, a long time ER nurse and Nurse Practitioner, and Melissa, who was a dental assistant for 19 years, had some very pivotal times in their life when health was of the highest importance to their family.


About 7 years ago, their daughter was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. Melissa states they went through several different doctors, specialists, and tests but nothing seemed to help. Their daughter stayed sick. About a year later, they found a functional medicine doctor in Utah that completely changed their perspective on helping their daughter get better.


Functional medicine is an approach to a diagnosis or chronic illness that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of the problem. This doctor in Utah introduced different supplements and services that in the long run, made a difference that traditional medicine hadn’t been able to do for their daughter.


“This is a whole new world that we need to dig into,” says Melissa when speaking of her initial introduction to functional medicine. This business has been something that has been years in the making for Bobby and Melissa, so there are a number of different services that they can offer to the community.


Some examples of these services include: hair analysis testing and labs to go along with that, assisting in lifestyle changes, supplements, and IV vitamin infusions. These infusions are great for those who have cancer, lyme disease, pots, chronic fatigue, or are trying to recover from surgery or illness. They have a hocket ozone sauna that resets your nervous system, kills parasites, fungus, mold exposure, and helps with chronic arthritis pain.


“We just want to educate the public and the patient that you don’t have to live chronically ill. Sometimes we are so used to it that we can’t see past the fatigue. We are all about empowering the patient and finding the root cause,” says Melissa when speaking of what they hope to see Revive accomplish in the future. Stop by and see what Revive can do for you. You can find them at 1150 West Ward Street Extension in Douglas.

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