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New fines adopted for noise and environmental nuisance ordinances

New fines adopted for noise and environmental nuisance ordinances Image courtesy, Google images

In May 2017, the Mayor and Board of Commissioners amended the Douglas codes and ordinances by adding noise control which includes mechanical sound–making devices, human-produced sounds, commercial advertising, and party noise and deleted and replaced Sections 38-26 through 38-32 of the environmental nuisance ordinance.

The Noise Ordinance enforces new fines for noise violators within the City of Douglas. The ordinance was adopted to establish standards that will reduce excessive\ community noises. The penalties for violating the noise ordinance include a misdemeanor conviction and fines beginning at $195 for the first offense, $425 for the second offense, and $695 for the third offense. Convictions after the third offense will be depending on the judge.

The Environmental Codes and Regulations were amended to include general definitions of environmental nuisances which include inoperable vehicles, junked vehicles, land lots, private/public property, unlicensed vehicles, weeds, and wooded areas. Owners will receive a warning sticker on any of these items that are deemed in violation. Inoperable/junked/abandoned vehicles may be impounded at the owner’s expense.

For a full listing of all the code ordinances, please go to www.cityofdouglas.com and click on Code of Ordinances or call the Douglas Marshal’s Office at 912-389-3462.

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