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New policy allows for random drug tests for Coffee High athletes, student drivers

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Featured New policy allows for random drug tests for Coffee High athletes, student drivers DouglasNow.com file photo

A new policy for Coffee High School students, approved and passed by the board of education two months ago, gives the school system permission to randomly drug test all students who drive to campus and those who play sports. The policy outlines detailed procedures for the testing and the consequences for failed tests. A synopsis of those guidelines can be found below, along with a link to the policy on the school system’s Web site.

Coffee High administration includes consent to test forms in athletic registration packets for student-athletes and in the parking permission registration information for student drivers. According to the policy, students do not have the option of not participating in the drug screening program to either play sports or drive to campus.

Drug testing for eligible students will take place at any time during the school year through what the policy terms a “lottery/random selection.” A local healthcare provider will randomly select students, collect urine samples, and analyze the samples for evidence of illegal drugs. Test results will be reported to the principal, who will notify a parent or guardian in the event of a positive test.

Punishment for a positive test is as follows. One positive test will result in a meeting with the principal and coach/activity sponsor. The student and his or her parents/guardians will attend drug abuse counseling and the student will be subjected to more tests. A second offense will result in suspension from 20 percent of the scheduled games. Drivers will have driving privileges suspended for 36 days (20 percent of the school year). If a student is both a driver and an athlete, both punishments will apply. Other drug tests and counseling will also result. A third offense will, among other things, result in a one-year suspension from athletics and driving to campus.

The policy can be seen in its entirety here: https://simbli.eboardsolutions.com/ePolicy/policy.aspx?PC=JCDAC-R(1)&Sch=4041&S=4041&C=&RevNo=1.05&T=A&Z=R&St=ADOPTED&PG=6&SN=true

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