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Transwaste to begin using side loaders for trash pickup

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Beginning September and October, Transwaste Industries will start using an automated side loader for trash pickup in Douglas. The side loader trucks are safer, quieter, cleaner and more efficient than the rear loader; however, the use of the side loader will require customers to change how their container is placed at the curb.

“We are trying to get the information out to our customers to ease them into this transition,” says Terrell Jacobs, City Manager. “Using the side loader will improve efficiency of trash pickup. Container placement is essential to side loading. Once we start pickup with the side loader, everyone must place the cart with wheels facing AWAY from the curb.”

To avoid damage to your property, please keep your trash container at least five feet away from mailboxes, street lights, vehicles, and electrical posts. Keep the wheels facing away from the curb or the arm will not be able to pick up your container. The best placement for your cart on pick up mornings would be at the end of your driveway on the opposite side of your mailbox.

For questions and bulk pickup, call 912-384-6001.

Last modified onThursday, 28 August 2014 11:04
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