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Dollar General responds to rodent problem at Oak Park store

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Featured Dollar General responds to rodent problem at Oak Park store Submitted photo

Dollar General has responded to a story published last week after a Department of Agriculture inspector found a “significant rodent presence” that interrupted the store’s operations last week.


Angela Petkovic, a spokesperson for Dollar General, sent an email Friday afternoon with the following statement: “Dollar General recently addressed store conditions at our Highway 221 store in Douglas, which were not in line with our standards or expectations.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”


According to Julie McPeake, a spokesperson for the Georgia Department of Agriculture, the rodents were found last week during a routine inspection of the store, located at 1201 U.S. 221 (the Oak Park Dollar General) by an agriculture department inspector. Store personnel“voluntarily disposed of all of the affected products” and agreed not to sell any food or drinks until employees address the problem.


McPeake also stated that once the rodents are gone, a Dollar General representative will contact the Department of Agriculture for a follow up inspection.

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