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CCSO: Numerous drug trafficking arrests in 2021

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Throughout 2021, the Coffee County Drug Unit investigated and completed an array of drug trafficking cases against area citizens enmeshed in the local drug trade.


Trafficking in cocaine, illegal drugs, marijuana, or methamphetamine is the highest penalized drug crime in the State of Georgia. According to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.), any person who violates any provision of this code section in regard to trafficking in cocaine, illegal drugs, marijuana, or methamphetamine shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than five years nor more than 30 years and by a fine not to exceed $1 million.


2021 incidents investigated by the Coffee County Drug Unit resulted in numerous arrests, including:


Jason Foskey, 01/2021, Trafficking in Methamphetamine

Jason Foskey, 02/2021, Trafficking in Methamphetamine

Marisela Mier, 03/2021, Trafficking in Methamphetamine/ Cocaine

Tonya Kirkland, 05/2021, Trafficking in Methamphetamine

Roy McDonald, 05/2021, Trafficking in Methamphetamine

Brandon Smith, 06/2021, Trafficking in Methamphetamine

Charlie Brown, 08/2021, Trafficking in Methamphetamine/ Ecstasy

David Torelli, 10/2021, Trafficking in Methamphetamine

Cassie Murphy, 10/2021, Trafficking in Methamphetamine 

Michael Wilson, 11/2021, Trafficking in Methamphetamine

Gilbert Harvey, 11/2021, Trafficking in Methamphetamine 

Lorene Rowell, 11/2021, Trafficking in Fentanyl

Stacey Vincent, 12/2021, Trafficking in Methamphetamine

Felecia Sherrod, 12.2021, Trafficking in Methamphetamine

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