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Mayor's monthly minutes - Douglas Mayor's Youth Council

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Mayor Tony Paulk Submitted photo Mayor Tony Paulk

As a part of my role of Mayor for the city of Douglas, I feel it is my obligation to seek out and identify youth leaders in our community. The youth are our future and should be encouraged to be our shining light in this great community. Growing up in Douglas, I know, firsthand, the need for community leaders to initiate and foster leadership in our youth. The youth of Douglas are vitally important to me and I want to help them develop, reach and exceed their leadership goals. One way that I know I can aid in leadership development is by offering a chance for our brightest youth to participate in the first Douglas Youth Council.

The Mayor’s Douglas Youth Council will serve as an advisory council to myself and the City Commission. Once selected, members of the council will have several sessions which will include: orientation, discussion of city issues and brainstorming for new ideas for government leaders; collection of input through outreach, surveys and community meetings; production of a city-wide youth town hall and television show; and participation in retreats, training, and travel experiences by building leadership skills.

Now, you may ask how do I participate or how do I get my child involved in the Douglas Youth Council? Participants must be students of Coffee County High School or private and home schools located within the city limits. Local principals, school counselors, Commissioners, as well as myself, may nominate students. The DYC will seat up to nine (9) members who will serve one four-year term or until finishing high school. Membership is open to grades 9-12, ages 14-19, from Coffee County High School or private and home schools located within the city limits. Meetings will be held monthly at a set location and students will have to attend a mandatory orientation and adhere to a planned itinerary for a one to a two-year term or until out of high school.

Participation with the DYC will allow students to be exposed to the operation of the local government, allow them the opportunity to build and grow their leadership skills and become more involved by helping to identify and offer solutions to youth connected issues. I encourage all youth leaders to sign up today. I am looking forward to productive, truthful, in-depth discussions that offer insightful solutions that will help to shape our future and foster a positive outlook of our community for many years to come.

Registration for the Douglas Youth Council has been extended to Jan. 31, 2018. For more information,

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