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Tyreek Hill suffers injury in season opener, will be out several weeks

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Featured Tyreek Hill file photo Tyreek Hill

Two days after signing a $54 million contract extension, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill suffered a serious injury that will sideline him for several weeks. Just how long he will be out remains to be seen.


Hill came out of the game in the second quarter after taking a hard hit from Jacksonville Jaguars defensive back Jalen Ramsey. Hill caught his second pass of the game on Kansas City’s sideline. Ramsey drove Hill out of bounds and into the ground, causing a posterior sternoclavicular dislocation. Hill never returned to the game and was quickly ushered into the locker room. Later, he was taken to Baptist Medical Center for further treatment. According to a report posted on, Hill spent the night at the hospital.


Sternoclavicular dislocations take place where the clavicle meets the sternum and can happen at either the front or the back. A posterior dislocation – one at the back – is the more serious of the two and could result in surgery. However, the ESPN report states that Hill’s injury will not require surgery. The Chiefs have said that Hill will be out for several weeks but nobody’s saying just how many weeks “several” is.


Hill caught two passes for 16 yards against Jacksonville on Sunday. The Chiefs routed the Jaguars 40-26 in Jacksonville in the season opener.

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