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School system breaks ground for Billy Walker Agricultural Center

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School system breaks ground for Billy Walker Agricultural Center Megan Bennett/

While planning the eSPLOST4 budget, Superintendent Dr. Morris Leis was approached by many faculty and staff regarding the need for an agricultural center for students of Coffee County. Because of the sheer amount of requests and the necessity of such a facility, Dr. Leis and the Coffee County school administration arranged for an agricultural facility to be funded by the eSPLOST4. A recent groundbreaking marked the beginning of construction on the facility, which will be named after Billy Walker, a respected community leader and agriculture advocate. The facility will be located at Coffee Middle School.

The facility will be help expose children living in the city that may not be able to house animals to have hands-on experience with cattle and other agricultural animals. Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education Director Brad Riner stated that he believed this will be a showcase facility for the community and school system.

At the groundbreaking, Riner thanked the faculty and staff that conduct agricultural education in the Coffee County School System for their hard work and dedication to their field and the children they teach.

Dr. Morris Leis thanked local legislators Rep. Dominic LaRiccia, Sen.Tyler Haper, and Rep. Clay Pirkle for supporting the project and our entire community.

Members of the Board of Education, the City of Douglas, and other representatives of the community were present at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Billy Walker Agricultural Center.

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