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Kevin Tatum's weekly 4-H news roundup

4-H members enjoyed pet therapy day at Manor House. Submitted Photo 4-H members enjoyed pet therapy day at Manor House.

4-H Adopt-a-Highway Workday

We want to thank the 4-H members who turned out to help clean up the litter on the side of the road for the 4-H Adopt-A-Highway workday on Thursday, March 9th. Participants included: Ambrose: Jesse Griffin and Jennalee Polk; Broxton: Glenn O’Steen; CCA Junior 4-H Club: Jolie Cleveand; CMS: Jenna Sears and Janilla Warren; Eastside: Natalie Newell; Junior 4-H Club: Ashton Ates, Muskan Minhas, Alexandra Rivero, Ishika Sadarangani, and Sariah Wells; Senior 4-H Club: Ebony Brown, KenDasha Cobb, Savannah Cothern, JaMeisha Doe, T.K. McIver, Adrianna Rivero, TyKyla Robinson, Willie Spence, and Micheal Woods; Westside: Ashley Swails; Adults: Liz Batten, Alyse Hall, Jean O’Steen, Kevin Tatum, and Chalanda Woods.

This was our last workday for this school year, but we will get started again as soon as August rolls around.

Manor House Pet Therapy

We want to thank all of the 4-H members who came out to Manor House on Tuesday, March 14th, to participate in the monthly Pet Therapy Visitation program. The residents enjoy visiting the 4-H members and especially those who take time to bring pets to share. Participants included: Broxton: Glenn O’Steen; CMS: Larissa Lefan and Janilla Warren; Eastside: Javonte Davis, Glenda Grantham, and Natalie Newell; Junior 4-H Club: Amelia Crockett, Muskan Minhas, Ishika Sadarangani, and Sariah Wells; Pre-club kids; Alyia Hall, Jessa Hall, and Adelynn O’Steen; Senior 4-H Club: Savannah Cothern, Asia Davis, JaMeisha Doe, Vonte Grady, Bethany Land, TaKyla Robinson, and Micheal Woods; Adults: Liz Batten, Alyse Hall, Melissa LeFan, Michelle Lucas, Jean O’Steen, Kevin Tatum, and Chalanda Woods.

The next Pet Therapy Visitation will be on Monday, April 3rd, from 4 to 4:30 PM at Shady Acres.

Friday Deadline

Each summer, in addition to providing the traditional week of summer camp at one of the five 4-H camping facilities, we try to offer a few local day camps for Cloverleaf (4th-6thgraders) 4-H members. This year, we are offering three activities for these students. The first one is called “Fun and Games” and will be held on Monday, June 5th. Cost for the activity is $20 and will include lunch. 4-H members will enjoy playing games, making crafts, cooking and eating delicious recipes, learning how to make and play their own musical instruments, and challenging themselves with puzzles (like the Rubik’s Cube).

The second day will be “A Day at Jekyll” on Tuesday, June 6th. This activity also costs $20 and includes some activities around Jekyll Island including a day at Summer Waves Water Park. Lunch will not be included on this day, so students can either pack a lunch or carry enough money to purchase lunch in the water park.

The third day is “Trip to Savannah” on Wednesday, June 7th. Cost is $30 and includes lunch, a tour of the Ronald McDonald House, a dolphin cruise around Tybee Island, and possibly (if time permits) some shopping time.

Sign up for these activities is underway. A deposit of half of the total activity fee is due at sign up. The registration deadline is Friday, March 24th. The balance of the fee is due by Friday, May 12th.

If you have questions about the Coffee County 4-H Club program, or questions around the farm or home, please feel free to contact the Coffee County Extension office at (912) 384-1402. Remember, we are YOUR local connection to the University of Georgia.

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