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Freshmen journalism students get a glimpse of college life at SGSC

Freshmen journalism students get a glimpse of college life at SGSC Submitted Photo

Silas Childers, Journalism Student at GWCFC

George Washington Carver Freshman Campus (GWCFC) Journalism class recently went on a field trip where they visited South Georgia State College (SGSC). The students were driven there on a bus and then they walked back to their school, which was not hard considering the school is less than a mile away.

When the students arrived, there was a tour guide named Nikolaos Hutto, who is also SGSC's head recruiter. Hutto had attended SGSC, so he was able to really give details that would be more helpful to these students who were thinking of attending the school. He took the group to a meeting room and showed them a brief, but informative slideshow about the perks of going to SGSC. He showed the students the sports and clubs that they could participate in if they came to the school and talked about the price of living there. He also talked about the classes and their size and explained the similarity between the classroom sizes there and the classroom sizes at SGSC.

The students got to see the dorms, the mess hall (cafeteria), the library, the recreational building, and more. Throughout the tour they were given the chance to ask questions and were given a glimpse of what college life really is like. Journalism student, Allison Fussell said, "I felt it gave me a great insight to what college life is like." Alexis Winham said, "I think it was a good experience for all of us and we had a lot of fun." The trip ended up being a very helpful and educational experience and gave students a glimpse of what college life could be for them at SGSC.

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