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CRMC opens wound care facility with ribbon cutting

CRMC opens wound care facility with ribbon cutting Submitted Photo

The Douglas-Coffee County Chamber of Commerce conducted a ribbon cutting for Coffee Regional Medical Center’s new Advanced Wound Care and Hyperbarics Center located across from CRMC at 304 Westside Drive.  CRMC President Vicki Lewis, along with Dr. Romulo Navarro, provided an excellent overview of the specialized treatment available at the new center for chronic/non-healing wounds.   

During the hyperbaric treatment process, patients breathe 100 percent oxygen inside a pressurized chamber which provides a significant increase in the concentration of oxygen in the bloodstream and delivered to the wound site to promote healing.  This treatment should not only increase the healing of chronic/non-healing wounds but also reduce amputation rates for patients who have diabetes, limited mobility, poor circulation, strokes, etc.  Douglas and Coffee County are fortunate to have a facility such as this locally.

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