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CRMC to offer free childbirth classes in February

Laree Vickers Submitted photo Laree Vickers

Childbirth classes will be held each month at CRMC at no cost to the expectant mother.  Registered nurse and perinatal instructor Laree Vickers will lead the class and ensure all expectant mothers are prepared for their delivery.  For February, the class will be Tuesday, Feb. 9 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in room 301 on the third floor. These classes will focus on educating the soon-to-be new mothers on important information regarding the latter stages of pregnancy, labor and delivery and also care of the mother and baby once the baby arrives.


Topics covered in the class include common discomforts of pregnancy, what to expect upon arrival to the hospital, the labor process, explanation of medical terminology, breathing and relaxation techniques during labor, pain relief options, breastfeeding your newborn, care of the newborn, and post-partum care for the mother. Classes will also include a walking tour of the CRMC labor and delivery unit to familiarize the expectant mother with the facility.


Expectant mothers are welcome to bring their spouse, family member or significant other to the class to ensure everyone that will be involved with the labor and delivery process is familiarized with what to expect on the day of delivery as well as the CRMC Labor & Delivery Unit. Patients can also call to schedule a tour of the unit separate from childbirth class, if needed. Interested patients should call (912) 384-1900 extension 2392 or 2380 and speak with Laree Vickers, RN.

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