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Optima Chemical Group receives national award

Featured Optima Chemical Group receives national award Photo courtesy of Optima Chemical

Optima Chemical Group LLC is pleased to announce it has been recognized for its outstanding efforts in improving environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) by the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA), the leading trade association representing specialty and fine chemical manufacturers.


Optima Chemical participates in SOCMA’s ChemStewards® program that has for 13 years encouraged and recognized companies for operating their facilities in an environment that promotes safety and environmental compliance to all stakeholders.


Optima Chemical President Gene Williams accepted the Silver Performance Improvement Award in Product Stewardship during a ceremony at SOCMA Week in New Orleans on December 5.


The judges were impressed particularly with Optima’s development of a detailed HSE Assessment Survey covering every step of processing. Optima’s EHS&S team is also involved in each step of new product development, from testing through the approval process, and all potential products undergo a very detailed risk review. Optima’s assessment program provided significant details that illustrates their commitment to safety and environmental stewardship. The company has also developed a more robust incident tracking system to ensure all incidents/near misses are reported and investigated.


“We are extremely proud of the hard work our employees have done on our EHS&S program,” said Williams. “This award reflects our commitment to constant improvement for our products, our workers and our neighbors in the community.”


“Optima Chemical Group has truly made steadfast efforts to provide a safe work environment for their employees and has fully embraced EHS&S excellence,” said SOCMA President & CEO Jennifer Abril. “We commend the Optima Chemical team for setting a standard that companies in the specialty industry can learn from and emulate as they build and strengthen their own EHS&S programs. We are honored to have them as a dedicated member of ChemStewards, which provides a platform where colleagues in the industry can learn from each other and share best practices that will assist them in building customer confidence, community trust and strengthening product stewardship throughout the value chain.”

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