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A message from the Walter James for Sheriff campaign

Paid for by the Walter James for Sheriff campaign.


On June 9, 2020, the citizens of Coffee County have an important decision to make. People are tired of drugs, thefts, domestic violence, unsolved homicides, poor service, and the growing number of addicts.  Coffee County needs serious change in Law Enforcement.   The type of change that is needed, can only come from electing a new Sheriff.


Walter James has 19 years of REAL experience. Walter James has been a patrol officer, detective, evidence custodian, sex
offender registration officer, assistant jail administrator, courthouse security, supervisor of drug and property divisions, gang investigator, and reserve officer.  Walter James has the most Law Enforcement experience.

Walter James is a Certified Law Enforcement Officer, he has a Business Management degree, and he has a Master of Divinity Degree.  Walter James has the highest level of education.

Walter James has been married for 34 years, he has two adult children, he is a Christian, and he is a licensed and ordained minister.  Walter James has a strong moral compass and a long history of serving people in Church and Law Enforcement. Walter James is the best choice.

Walter James has the most experience, he has the highest education, and he is the best choice.  Walter James is ready to put “Coffee County First.”  ‪On June 9th, It will be time to elect a Sheriff for Coffee County.  Please vote for Walter James.



Last modified onThursday, 21 May 2020 11:57
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