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Davis family recognizes first responders who saved son's life

Featured Kaleb Davis with the local first responders who helped save his life Submitted photo Kaleb Davis with the local first responders who helped save his life

A room full of community heroes gathered together at the Coffee Regional Medical Center EMS headquarters recently to celebrate Kaleb Davis at the request of his parents Larissa and Carl Davis. Each person in the room played an essential role in an emergency call on the summer evening of August 18, 2020. Heading to their favorite fishing spot on that late August afternoon, Kaleb (affectionately known as “Man” to his family) and his cousin were involved in a life-changing ATV wreck. As a result of the injuries sustained in the accident, Kaleb was left paralyzed from the neck down.


The last seven months have been an arduous journey, one riddled with trials, triumphs, courage, and strength the Davis family was unaware existed within them. Kaleb and his family are thankful Kaleb’s life was spared and they are working hard each day to help him gain strength and learn how to navigate life as a person with quadriplegia. Kaleb has already overcome many obstacles and is focused on new goals and improvements each day. Dedicated to maximizing his rehabilitation progress, the Davis family continues to seek out expert medical care and intervention methods to improve function and bring a sense of normalcy to Kaleb’s life.


One step of the healing process that the Davis family felt important was to meet the first responders from the day of the accident. Emergency personnel from agencies throughout Coffee County responded to the scene, many of those off-duty who chose to respond when they heard the nature of the call. The Davis family wished to reach out to all of the first responders who played a role in the rescue to personally thank them for their heroic efforts to care for and save Kaleb’s life. These heroes included Coffee Regional Medical Center EMS, Coffee County volunteer firemen, Coffee County Sheriff Deputies, Coffee County Fire Chief, Coffee County 911 Dispatch Operator, and countless others who were there that day.


Each hero was given the opportunity to introduce themselves to Kaleb and his family and tell their role in the rescue.  Stories were shared that revealed just how thankful they were for Kaleb’s recovery and expressed how impressive Kaleb’s bravery was the day of the accident.  We appreciate the Davis family for taking the time to recognize and honor these Coffee County heroes. We are thankful to serve such a fantastic community.

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