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Book fair comes to freshman campus

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Book fair comes to freshman campus Submitted photo

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Caelan Merritt

GWCFC Journalism Student


Recently, the George Washington Carver Freshman Campus (GWCFC) library held a book fair. The theme for the book fair was "Enchanted Forest"; there were multitudes of enticing books. The genres in the fair ranged from nature to horror. There were also various items that were available to buy.


The students that attend GWCFC enjoyed the book fair, and the book fair was used to motivate and help students read.  All students received free $7 gift certificates from the library to buy any book of their choice. The book fair also had several props, such as fairy wings, a unicorn horn, and a variety of different masks. These props were used for taking fun photographs.


Each student had the several opportunities to visit the book fair. Each teacher visited the book fair at least once with their second block class. The book fair was also open during the breaks in between classes. There were different recommended books that teachers enjoyed and found interesting.


Overall, GWCFC students enjoyed the book fair. Airanee Thomas, a student on the campus said, "The book fair was really interesting this year, there were people that helped me through the process of deciding on a book and the best part was the $7 coupon."  Hopefully this year's freshmen will be able to raise money to give back to next year's students so they can get a free gift certificate, too.

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