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Eastside Elementary celebrates Fire Safety Week

Eastside Elementary celebrates Fire Safety Week Submitted Photo

During the week of Fire Safety in Georgia, October 6-10, the Pre-K students at Eastside Elementary participated in many fire safety activities in order to become fire wise. The children learned the importance of having a family fire drill and establishing a safe meeting place near their home. The young Pre-K students even had homework to see if they had a working smoke alarm in their home and if so to find out where it is located.

The students participated in role play activities by practicing what to do incase their clothing or body ever caught fire -- stop, drop, cover, and roll. The firefighters shared many safety tips with the students and encouraged all not to play with matches or fire products. During the visit, the firefighters showed the students the many different tools they are required to wear and carry on each fire truck. These tools help to put out fires as well as keep firefighters safe. The firefighters stressed to the young students how sometimes a firefighter may look scary wearing all this equipment and the noise some of the items make may be loud, but not to be afraid and never go hide -- go outside!

Thank you Douglas Fire Department for the awesome job you do keeping everyone safe and protected from fires. Eastside Pre-K students and their teachers challenge everyone to practice a home fire drill, have a working smoke alarm, and establish a meeting place in the event of a fire.

Shown in the photos are students in Mrs. Barbaree’s and Ms. Owens’s Pre-K Class meeting Sparky the Fire Dog! Thank you to Sparky for taking time to help young students to be fire wise. 

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