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This guy tried to sneak drugs into jail; it didn't end well

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Donnie Carelock Photo courtesy, Coffee County Sheriff's Office Donnie Carelock

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Common sense would tell most people it's probably a bad idea to carry illegal drugs into the local law enforcement center. Common sense would also tell most men not to enter a ladies' public restroom. Common sense eludes Donnie Carelock of Wray, Ga.

Sheriff's authorities say Coffee County jail staff observed Carelock in the lobby of the law enforcement center around 10 p.m. Tuesday acting suspiciously. While officials were observing him, Carelock entered the women's restroom, and authorities went in to retrieve the apparently confused man.

Deputies located a plastic bag in the restroom containing anti-anxiety prescription Alprazolam tablets, tobacco, and methamphetamine. Investigators quickly determined the 63-year-old Carelock was attempting to bring the items into the jail so they could be retrieved later and used by inmates inside the facility.  

Carelock faces numerous charges as a result of his failed attempt including abandonment of a controlled substance, possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, and possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine.  

Sheriff's officials say the investigation continues into the possible intended recipient(s) of the contraband.   

Carelock has since been released after posting at $23 thousand property bond set by a Coffee County magistrate judge.

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