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Sheriff responds to report of escaped offender

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The Coffee County Sheriff’s Office was made aware early Thursday afternoon, March 30, of false media reports and public concern regarding the alleged escape of a Coffee County inmate from Coffee Regional Medical Center. The sheriff’s office was not contacted prior to the media publishing such reports. In the event of an escaped inmate, or any incident regarding an immediate public safety issue, it is the policy of the sheriff’s office to provide information to the media as quickly as possible.

Just after 6:30 a.m. today, Coffee County deputies were dispatched to a residence off Rebecca S. Waldron Rd. in reference to assisting Emergency Medical Services with an individual who was belligerent and possibly under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. The 27-year-old male had sustained severe injuries to one of his hands and was bleeding profusely when deputies arrived. Deputies assisted EMS officials with providing initial first aid treatments and rode with ambulance personnel to Coffee Regional Medical Center due to the individual’s continued uncooperativeness and incoherency.

While receiving treatment at Coffee Regional, the male subject left his room and ran from the hospital. Due to the severity of his wounds, loss of blood, and perceived suicidal statements, law enforcement attempted to locate him, but was unsuccessful. It was later discovered he was picked up by his girlfriend in a vehicle shortly after exiting the building.

The individual in this matter was not suspected of any criminal activity at the time of this incident and was never in the custody of the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office. Our primary involvement was to provide assistance to EMS personnel.

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