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Paulk defeats Jowers by two votes in Ambrose city council run-off

Blaine Paulk Photo courtesy of Blaine Paulk's Facebook Page Blaine Paulk


Last week’s race for the fifth and final Ambrose City Council seat between Blaine Paulk and Andy Jowers was almost as close as the Nov. 7.



But not quite.



After tying 24-24 last month, Jowers and Paulk, a former school board member, faced each other in a run-off. This time a few more people voted but the result came remarkably close to the first election. This time, however Paulk narrowly defeated Jowers by just two votes, 30-28.



The election wraps the political season in Coffee County. On Nov. 7, elections were held in Ambrose and Nicholls. Last week’s run-off was the lone holdover from the Nov. 7 races.


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