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Jordan Cornett remains on the lam, $4 reward offered for info leading to his arrest

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Featured Jordan Cornett Photo courtesy of Telfair County Sheriff Chris Steverson's Facebook page Jordan Cornett

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Earlier this week, Telfair County Sheriff Chris Steverson asked citizens of Telfair and Coffee counties, as well as anyone with connections in Fort Pierce, Fla., for their help in locating Jordan Cornett, a 22-year-old from West Green. Cornett is wanted for breaking the windshield of an unoccupied Telfair County deputy’s car. It appears as though Sheriff Steverson is getting serious about apprehending Cornett. His department has now issued a reward in the amount of $4 for information leading to his arrest.



Late in the week, Sheriff Steverson made the following post on his Facebook page: “The person we asked for your assistance in locating has apparently shut down his social media, packed a few belongings and gone on the run! We frequently see guilty persons flee or go into hiding who are wanted for murder, bank robbery and such, but this guy is only accused of breaking a car window. Anyway, maybe the Federales will capture him crossing the Mexican border!!! Since he is getting serious about running from us, maybe we should get a bit more serious about catching him!!! We are now offering a reward of four dollars ($4.00) for any information leading to his capture.”



Sheriff Steverson wrote that early in the morning on Sunday, Sept. 2, a several people were seen near an unoccupied patrol car located just outside the city limits of Jacksonville. One of the individuals approached the car and shattered the windshield. The offender then left the scene. Telfair County authorities, with help from Coffee County deputies, determined that Jordan Cornett, a 22-year-old white male of West Green was responsible for the damage.



Authorities believe that Cornett could be in Telfair County, Coffee County, or surrounding areas. He could also be in Fort Pierce, Fla. Anyone with any information about Cornett’s whereabouts should contact your local 911 operations center, Sheriff Chris Steverson at (912) 381-5591 or Coffee County Investigator Todd Winkler at (912) 850-4804.

Last modified onSunday, 16 September 2018 12:01
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