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Shooting reported at bowling alley, lots of property damage but no injuries

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Featured Shooting reported at bowling alley, lots of property damage but no injuries Photo courtesy of the Coffee County Ga. Police Scanner Facebook page

Sunday shortly before 8 p.m., officers from multiple agencies in Coffee County responded to a shooting at Rockin’ Roll Bowlin’, 1300 Southeast Bowens Mill Road. In addition to the Douglas Police Department, officers from the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office and Georgia State Patrol also responded.


On arrival, officers found multiple vehicles in the parking lot that had been struck by gunfire. Officers checked the location, inside and out, and found no persons with any injuries related to this incident. Officers were able to locate several individuals at locations, other than the bowling alley, that were believed to be involved in the incident. One of these individuals had minor injuries that did not require him to be transported to the hospital for treatment. This individual and others with him denied any knowledge of the incident at the bowling alley. Although there were numerous people present, no one has been willing to come forward as a witness or give a statement as to what took place.


What investigators learned at the scene is that a group of individuals were conducting a meeting in a rented room that is connected to the Bowling Alley. Some type of disturbance started in the meeting and spilled over into the parking lot. All evidence at the scene indicates that there were no gunshots fired in this room or any other place inside the bowling alley. The gunshots took place in the parking lot and officers have no reason to believe any one was struck by any gunshots; no victims have come forward with any injuries related to this incident. Although there are no known injuries related to this incident there is a substantial amount of property damage. The Douglas Police Department is requesting the public’s help in identifying the person(s) involved in this incident.



Anyone with any information that would assist in this case is asked to contact the Douglas Police Department at 912-384-2222 or the TIPS Line at 912-260-3600. Information can also be shared on the Department’s Facebook page.

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