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City pulls recycling services from public works department

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Transwaste and the City of Douglas has pulled the recycling dumpster from the drop center located at the City of Douglas Public Works Department. After an effort by the city to educate citizens on the proper use of the recycling centers, contamination has continued thus forcing Transwaste and the city to close the three recycling centers, which were located at Public Works, Fire Station #3 (near airport) and Fire Station #1 (Gordon St.).

“During the initial startup of the recycling program and prior to door to door recycling, blue dumpsters were placed in three locations for the convenience of residents to dispose of their recyclables ”, says Terrell Jacobs, City Manager.“ We wanted to continue to provide these recycling centers for our citizens; however, those using the recycling dumpsters continued to contaminate by dumping soiled paper, plastic, aluminum items and sometimes even household furniture items. These items make it hard for Transwaste to effectively use the recyclables.”

Door to door recycling will not be effected by the closing of the Recycling Drop Center. Transwaste will continue to offer and collect door to door recycling within the City of Douglas according to the recycling pickup schedule.

If you would like to sign up for residential recycling program, please dial 311 or (912) 384-3302. For those who have already signed up for the recycling program and need to verify your pickup week, you can obtain a copy of the calendar by visiting the city website at, or stop by City Hall located at 224 E. Bryan Street.

-Submitted by the City of Douglas

Last modified onTuesday, 13 January 2015 13:18
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