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City to use automated phone system for delinquent account notifications

Beginning March 4, 2015, the City of Douglas will begin using an automated phone calling system to inform utility customers of a delinquency. Once this automated system is active, the City of Douglas will no longer mail delinquent notices to past due utility customers.

Using an automated phone calling system will speed up the process of a customer being notified of a past due/delinquent status.

It is very important that the city has the best phone number to reach customers. Therefore, the city is requesting customers to confirm their phone number on file by simply dialing 311 or dialing 912-384-3302. Even if customers have never had a past due situation with any utility account with the city, there could be other reasons that the city could need to contact the cusotmer immediately concerning utility service and/or property.

When calling the city to update the phone number, please inform the person answering the phone that you wish to provide or verify the best phone number to reach you.

Should customers receive an automated call from the city, customers should listen to it in its entirety and respond accordingly. The system will deem any call, which someone answers/picks up, an answering machine answers, or a pickup and immediately hang up as a successful call. Should the line be busy, the system will attempt three times to make contact and report a successful call.

Again, once the cbegins using this automated phone calling system,no further notice of delinquency will be given. Should you have any questions concerning this new automated phone calling system, please do not hesitate to call the City of Douglas at 311 or 912-384-3302.

-Submitted by the City of Douglas

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