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Electric Studios selects Coffee County as location for latest film

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Come October, there will be lights, cameras, and lots of action in Coffee County.


Electric Studios, one of the most prolific adult film studios, has chosen Coffee County as the site for its latest film, a supernatural crime thriller titled “Next of Skin.” The plot, which is always vitally important to any adult film, centers around main character Hammer Scorpio's unique quest to rid a small rural town of drugs and violence using the most powerful crime-fighting tool in the universe, which only he possesses.



Scorpio, a retired Navy SEAL, has fallen on hard times and lost his wife, his children, his job, and any purpose in life that he may have had. After a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger, he discovers that his manhood has been endowed with supernatural powers. He now holds the most potent weapon in the universe and finds a new calling – go to the small town of Crystal Springs, Alabama, and battle the evil female crime lord Fonda Peters and her team of mercenaries who use Crystal Springs as the hub of a statewide methamphetamine ring.



In Crystal Springs, crime rates are at an all-time high. Thefts, property damage, armed robberies, and murders threaten to ruin the once prospering community. Businesses are closing due to a lack of employees. New industries won't come to town. Infrastructure and investment are crumbling. The Crystal Springs Economic Council, once the most influential organization in town, is fighting a losing battle against Peters. As the good people of Crystal Springs watch their community slip away at the hands of drug lords and corrupt law enforcement, they turn to the only hope they have left: Hammer Scorpio and his magic wand.



While Scorpio must battle Peters, he must also avoid secret government agents led by Staff Sergeant Amy Woodcock, who has learned of his enchanted equipment and wants to use it for nefarious purposes. The film's exciting climax features an edge-of-your-seat showdown between Scorpio, Peters, and Woodcock with the fate of Crystal Springs dangling in the balance. Who will prevail? Will the path of Scorpio's journey lead him back to his estranged family? Will Crystal Springs become the prosperous community it once was? What will become of Scorpio's spellbinding sausage after this epic battle? “Next of Skin” will blow you away as it answers these, and many more, questions.



Crews will visit Coffee County in June to scout locations. Principal photography will begin in October.

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