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I agree with your message. Only, I don't understand why it's so hard for people everywhere to recognize that he is Muslim and his goal from the beginning has been to help them and further their agenda. What really bothers me are the ignorant people who believe his election was ever about race. That is so yester-decade and was never the case. They simply used that as a crutch and continue to do so even now just to keep the plate spinning. The whole time it's been about furthering the agenda of Islam. He may have said the right things but we all know his heart is for Islam and her people. Because of the social responsibilities he has to help Islam he will gladly go down in history as the worst president ever... just like the suicide bombers of Islamic martyrdom. Everything that he has accomplished as president only confirms where his heart is. I can't think of one thing that he's done to help Americans but I can name several things he's done that only contributes to the destruction of America. In short, anyone who was looking or even remotely hoping that help is on the way from this president will only have hope to cling to at the end of the day. If he helps America do anything, he will help her right over a cliff. He is hardly a friend of America and is narcissistic at best. One can watch Michelle's facial expressions at most any event to determine that they are a reflection of his true heart. Disgust and displeasure seems to be something she adorns herself with constantly. Like most spoiled brats, they prove they can't be happy even when they have everything. I believe he's just buying time as of Wednesday night. Everything he says/does is in vain. I'll bet nothing happens this September... but next year watch out, they'll all be in place and they're coming with a vengeance. Hope, heart, don't fail me now (smh)